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CEE-NORDIC Trade mission

After 25 years of experience in sales and marketing we decided to share our lessons-learned by offering you guidance and support in internationalisation within the manufacturing industry, energy technology and larger EPC projects.

Behind every success story is not only hard work and consistency, but also teamwork. Therefore, have we built a well-tested and approved team in the Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) as well as in the Mediterranean area. With several previous success stories, we trust a method to work and now want to ensure that you, as our client, will have the same success that we so many times evidenced before.

A good sell always starts at the research done, no matter if one is selling investment products or consumables. Internalisation and globalisation come with a cost but with the right team, it generates in profits. No matter the company size the resources at hand must be carefully distributed. With the knowledge at hand, ready to be implemented to your specific needs, we will be happy to team up and evolve your story to an international and global one.

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